Ido Fishman Lists The Top Appliances That You Will Find In A Professional Chef’s Kitchen

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If you ever wonder about what a professional chef’s home kitchen looks like, then you don’t need to look any further. This list by Ido Fishman will give you a clear idea of what professional chefs keep in their home kitchens and the appliances that they swear by. There are plenty of home cooks out there who enjoy cooking as a hobby and try to incorporate the tips and tricks that professional chefs give out every now and then. A lot of people even try to imitate the appliances and the setting of the kitchen that professional chefs recommend. 

However, it can be quite expensive to get all the appliances that professional chefs use in their home kitchens. This is a given since they can afford luxury products. However, you can always find things that do the same tasks at a cheaper rate. Chef Ido Fishman has made a list of the highly recommended kitchen appliances that a majority of professional chefs have in their home kitchens. 

Kitchen Appliances Recommended By Professional Chefs

Pressure Cooker

Ido Fishman says that a pressure cooker is every chef’s best friend when they are short on time. Pressure cookers can seem a bit scary because they are packed with steam but once you learn to use them, you will realize just how useful they are. Whether you want to get a lump of meat tender quickly without drying it up or need to make up a quick broth, the pressure cooker is what you need. So, if you haven’t got one already, this is your cue to get one in your kitchen. 

A Powerful Mixer

You can whip your egg whites and sugar with all your might to get the perfect meringue and waste a good 20 minutes, or you can invest in an electric mixer and save yourself the trouble. An electric mixer is a must-have appliance if you are fond of making baked goods and doughs at home.   

Immersion Blender

Many people assume that the immersion blender should only be used for making smoothies or chopping up stuff. However, an immersion blender, also known as a handheld blender, can be used for everything that you would use a blender for. The benefit of getting this blender would be that you can use it for everything that you want blended. The bonus point is that it hardly takes up any space or setting time, unlike the traditional blender. 

Different Types of Crockery

It is important that you have pots and pans made from different materials because their material plays a huge role in the outcome of your dish. Some dishes cook better in cast-iron than they do in stainless steel. Similarly, you need non-stick pans for cooking things that burn easily or get stuck to the surface of other pans. Ido Fishman says that a recommended amount if you are shopping on a budget, is to get one nonstick pan, one cast-iron pan for foods that require high temperatures, and two or three stainless steel pots of different sizes.  

A Thermometer 

Certain dishes only cook well if they reach a particular temperature. For instance, you cannot bake a cake or roast chicken by eyeballing the temperature of your oven. While most ovens provide temperature readings, you should not assume that the temperature of the oven is the same as the temperature of your dish. So, to make sure that you are not serving anything that is over or undercooked, invest in a cooking/baking thermometer.   

Final Words

These are some of the most recommended kitchen appliances that professional chefs use at home. Some other appliances and gadgets include an immersion blender, food processor, rubber spatulas, a cutting board, a salad spinner, and other basic utensils and small items that you need for cooking. Ido Fishman says that you cannot have a professional chef recommend every single item that they have in their kitchen in a food blog. Cooking is a very intuitive task, so if you feel like getting something will make the process easier and much more fun for you, then you should get it.   

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