August 19, 2022


Food for all time.

I lived off of M&S healthy food ranges for a week – and lost 10lbs

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Day 5 – Saved the best ’til last

Morning check in!

Morning everyone is my fifth and final day on the M&S healthy food diet and I’ve just done my weigh in!

I was sceptical to see if I was going to lose anything but amazingly I have actually lost a whopping 10lbs!

I started the week weighing ?? stone and 2lbs and I’m ending it weighing ?? stone and 7lbs! What an incredible result?!!?

Of course, I’m bigger so the first week on a new diet is usually quite a big loss, I learnt this from my Slimming World days but I really wasn’t expecting such a big result!

I can’t guarantee everyone would see such amazing results but it’s really opened my eyes to what planning my meals, staying organised and focused can achieve.

And I’ve still got another day of eating to go!

I’m very pleased with how this week has gone and dare I say, I’ve left the best food until last.

I’m off for a bowl of granola now with a big smile on my face!

A x

Lunchtime check in!

It was granola for breakfast – which once again I enjoyed and it kept me going from about 8am until 1pm when I sat down to lunch.

Today I had it with Greek yogurt instead of milk – and I really loved it. It was a great – relatively small swap which made the whole breakfast feel different to previous days and would help to prevent me getting board longer term!

I did sip my way through a delicious smoothie this morning too – this time it was red berry flavour.

It had that classic Innocent Smoothie taste and texture which I LOVED as a child – so it felt a bit nostalgic to me.

My final lunch of the week was a really tasty chicken pasta pot – from the same range as the Singapore noodles earlier this week.

It took just 3 minutes to cook in the microwave and was really enjoyable. I sometimes find pasta ready meals are a bit meagre in size but this was very ample.

I liked the tomato sauce, it had a nice mild heat behind it and I enjoyed the saltiness of the chicken and spinach.

In a normal week – this is typically the type of meal I’d cook for myself and my family but MUCH lower in calorie.

I’d definitely pick this up again.


Loved these!
Loved these!

I was definitely having a hungry day today and was craving something salty and savoury.

So I decided to listen to my body and allow myself some popped chips in the afternoon.

This time they were ready salted – a far cry from the exotic lime and pepper flavour earlier in the week.

I liked both flavours but I think these just tipped it for me – purely because it was a direct swap for a packet of crisps.

They were crunchy, salty and felt totally normal but are so much better for you!

I also like that these are Gluten Free – so I’ll gladly be taking these into next week with me.


It might not be the most photogenic of foods but it was definitely the highlight of the week!
It might not be the most photogenic of foods but it was definitely the highlight of the week!

It’s my final meal of the week – and I definitely saved the best until last – I genuinely don’t have the words to describe how nice this curry was.

The new pan grilled chicken tikka masala from the Eat Well range has been the highlight of my week for multiple reasons.

I really enjoyed the cooking aspect of it, it was low maintenance but full on flavour and everyone is my house was GREEN with envy!

I paired mine with rice, because I was hungry and I’m a firm believer in fill up so you don’t snack (not sure that’s the right stance but I took it anyway).

It was really easy to cook, you just tip the contents of the packet out into a pan, and cook it off in some Fry Light before adding the sauce 7 or 8 minutes in.

I watered mine down slightly to stop it sticking and cooked it just a little bit longer than the instructions recommended All in all it took about 15 minutes – which is still quicker than a takeaway!

I loved the flavour which had almost buttery undertones, it wasn’t hot but it had a really nice Indian flavour.

I wolfed this down in minutes because the taste was so good. I couldn’t believe it was so low-cal!

I didn’t even have a hankering for something sweet afterwards which believe me is a rarity!

Without a doubt I’ll be having this again (and probably serving it to all my family too).

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