How to Avoid Burning Your Popcorn

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Popcorn is great for movie nights, game nights, family gatherings and other get-togethers. It’s popular among adults and children alike because it’s tasty and crunchy. However, there’s one major issue that can ruin it all: burnt kernels.

Being burned to the crisp might seem like a small problem compared to some other things in life, but as you may know from experience, not taking care of them at their early stages can lead to a plethora of burnt popcorn in the bottom of your bowl, and a lot of time wasted.

So we’ve decided to give you 7 simple steps that will help you get rid of burning entirely, leaving nothing but delicious salted popcorn kernels. In fact, they’re so easy that even a child could do them!

Use a Lid

First and foremost, make sure you always use a lid. This way you won’t be losing any kernels to the atmosphere (and definitely not letting them get burned to a crisp). Just put it on before you look away for even one second. It’s that simple!

Use A Pan With High Sides 

Make sure it’s deep enough to prevent overflows when you add the popcorn.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but ensures that your kernels don’t end up on the floor by making more room for the kernels. It also helps to use a heavy steel or cast iron pan, which have high heat retention and are best at evenly distributing heat across the bottom of your pot.

Get Rid of Unpopped Kernels

Sometimes only a small amount of kernels remain unpopped in your kettle even after the popping has stopped. To ensure that you don’t end up with burnt popcorn, lift your pot off of the heat to get rid of any kernels that are left over. Also, make sure to wipe down your utensils with a cloth or paper napkin before checking for unpopped kernels.

Don’t Leave the Pot Unattended

This tip is especially important for those who have a glass-top stove. If you leave the pot unattended, your popcorn might burn due to the heat being concentrated on just one section of the pan. For best results, stay near your kettle and stir frequently.

Shake the Kernels Out

After this amount of time is over, take your popcorn out and shake it around a bit. This will make sure that all the kernels that were stuck to the inside of the bowl come loose and end up in your bowl. 

If you do this, you won’t even have to use any butter or salt because you’ll get so many popped kernels in your bowl.

Keep the Oil Hot

Oil heats up over time, so don’t be tempted to put cold oil into a cold pot or kettle. This is because if the oil isn’t hot enough, it will soak into the kernels, creating soggy popcorns instead of crispy ones.

Cool It Down

Finally, as a last tip, let your salted popcorn cool down for a bit before you dig in. By letting it sit around for 5 minutes or so, the flavors will combine better and give you an even tastier snack!

That’s our advice for avoiding burning your popcorn. To make sure you remember it for a long time, write it in a note and place it in a visible spot in your kitchen.

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