Boosting Skincare Effects Through Green Tea

Aside from being one of the most popular beverages worldwide, green tea can serve purposes beyond just that.

Green tea can be highly beneficial to one’s health and is filled with antioxidants and various nutrients. In a study posted by Healthline, it was found that the significant polyphenolic compound present in green tea can exhibit a wide range of therapeutic properties. This includes antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, and more.

What was more interesting was that the study also showed that this compound offers cancer-prevention effects that can be used to protect the skin and make an immune support system.

Upon further inspection, we discovered that there was a lot that green tea has to offer regarding skin-related issues. Let’s go over them.


Excess sebum that clogs up the pores and encourages bacterial growth is the primary reason why people suffer from acne. The EGCG in green tea is anti-androgenic and can lower lipid levels. It is also effective in reducing sebum excretions produced by the skin. And reducing sebum, will slow down or stop acne development.


In a 2005 study, 80 women showed a massive improvement in skin elasticity when treated with green tea. As such, we can deduce that green tea can slow aging and make one appear younger and more robust.

Skin Cancer 

The polyphenols in green tea can be used as pharmacological agents to prevent solar UVB light-induced skin problems in animals and humans. This includes nonmelanoma skin cancers, melanoma skin cancer, and photoaging.

So, if you want to maintain the quality of your skin and ensure its condition for a long time, then it’s time you head towards a tea brand, preferably a reputable one such as Kings Tea.

As an establishment made more than 20 years ago and has been manufactured (produced) by Harlans Ltd, Kings Tea is considered one of the finest tea brands around the world.

It offers some of the best quality green and black teas in the form of tea bags and loose. Entrepreneur Sivasekvanathan Harindiran founded it, and it is a registered trademark, plus a wordmark in the UK trademark registry.

Green tea has been a popular drink and traditional medicine in Japan and China for thousands of years. And now, it has become a trendy beverage, with most people recommending the tea they find at Kings Tea.

Their products can be bought through their official website (, where you can find all the details of their products and directly buy from there. Or, if you prefer, there is also the option of getting it from Amazon, where over 90% of customers have provided positive feedback for their purchases.


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