Amazon Bans Harmful Chemical substances From Its Food Packaging

Amazon has banned the use of specific chemicals in its Amazon Kitchen brand products and foodstuff packaging. The company’s decision to exclude chemical compounds of problem only has an effect on its personal models for now. The chemical substances have been joined to numerous overall health challenges and other effects, this sort of as environmental troubles.

What Are the Substances of Concern?

Amazon’s definition of chemical substances of issue consists of substances that are a “carcinogen, mutagen, reproductive or other systemic toxicant,” and items that are “persistent, bioaccumulative and harmful.” Even though Amazon has mentioned it is encouraging brands to steer clear of these likely poisonous chemical compounds, the organization is concentrating on its have personal manufacturers because it has complete command in excess of them.

The limited substances on Amazon’s listing include things like antiseptics (antimicrobial substances), nonylphenols and nonylphenol ethoxylates (detergent-like substances), formaldehyde donor preservatives (substances that slowly launch formaldehyde above time), parabens (preservatives) and phthalates (chemical substances to make plastics a lot more flexible). The checklist has more than 50 products ranging from triclosan (antimicrobial chemical) to propylparaben (preservative).

Amazon has an further foods speak to components limited compound list (RSL) for its Amazon Kitchen area model items. The business avoids certain chemical compounds in the foodstuff packaging, so they do not come in make contact with with the things individuals eat. Some of the substances on the checklist involve arsenic and significant metals like direct.

The business is also restricting non-recyclable supplies in its Amazon Kitchen model food call packaging. This eradicates chemical compounds these types of as polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) and polystyrene (Styrofoam).

Some of the substances on the limited lists have been linked to an enhanced hazard of most cancers, being pregnant problems, hormone disruption and developmental problems in small children. Some also have a detrimental impact on the atmosphere, these types of as soil contamination.

Why Amazon Is Getting rid of PFAS

It is vital to observe that Amazon is reducing PFAS (for every- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which are identified as forever chemicals for the reason that they do not break down in the setting and can establish up in the human body. PFAS chemical compounds have typically been used as a coating on packaging for food stuff solutions, these as cardboard and paper wrappers.

In accordance to the Environmental Defense Agency (EPA), PFAS may possibly cause most cancers, thyroid hormone disruption, minimal start excess weight in infants, higher cholesterol ranges and destructive outcomes on the immune procedure. In addition, PFAS may possibly trigger developmental, reproductive, kidney and liver troubles.

In 2020, Amazon faced a class motion lawsuit above applying PFAS in its Amazon Kitchen manufacturer goods, which incorporated disposable plates and bowls. The lawsuit alleged that Amazon was selling the items with labels that they had been compostable. PFAS is not considered compostable due to the fact it does not crack down in the soil. Even though the lawsuit was dropped, the company moved forward with doing away with PFAS from its goods.  

Amazon is portion of a developing trend to get rid of poisonous chemical compounds from food stuff packaging and other merchandise that customers use on a frequent basis. Contemplating the likely overall health and environmental outcomes of using chemical compounds of problem, this is an significant trend.

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